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How To Upload A Picture

Uploading pictures & avatars

You can upload a picture of yourself, or choose one of our avatars, and besides the fun of seeing it on your posts and around the site, you'll be rewarded with 50 free Credits at HighScoreCompetition!
Change you picture
To upload your picture, you have to go to your Profile page  and look for "Change your picture" under the "Actions" menu. You can choose one of the avatars from the Image Gallery, where there are images of flowers, animals, sports and lots of other things. Once you have picked one, you have to click on "Confirm Choice", and after retyping your password, all you have to do is scroll down and hit "Save".

But you can also submit a new image (maybe a picture of yourself) and upload it. Remember that your image file
can have a maximum of (width x height - size) 200x500 - 5000 KB (or 5 MB), so make sure that it matches those requirements. Once you have chosen the image you want, you'll see the path to where it's stored in your hard disk, so you must click on "Upload" and wait until it loads. When it's done you'll get a message stating that "Your profile is updated" and your new image will be shown below. The final step is to "Save" your profile (you'll need to retype your password) and enjoy your new picture!

Different Avatars 

Although you'll receive the 50 Credits only the first time you choose a picture, you can still change it from time to time to update your friends on your new looks or just to show your state of mind or the things you like. is owned and operated by Idea Cup Ltd,
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