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How To Add Friends

Make New Friends on HighScoreCompetition

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If you want to meet other HighScoreCompetition members and make new friends, you can see who else is playing arcade games. Whenever you have found somebody interesting, you can add him/her to your friends list.  

Add friendsActionsThere are several ways to add friends and  they are all easy as pie. You can go to the  Profile section and once there click on  "Add Friends", or look into the left menu Actions and click on Search For Friends. Either way you'll see a list of all the players  ordered by the date they joined the site, but you can also  order them by username.


If you already know the username of someone that you'd like to add as a friend, you can write it there and hit search. When it comes up, click on the picture and it'll send you to that person's profile page.

 But an even simpler way to add friends is clicking on people's picture (or  "avatar") in the arcade room, which will also  take you right to their profile page. Then, Under My Friends you'll see that  person's friends and a link to add him/her to your friends list.
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 Similarly, to the left of the screen  under Actions you can see a text  reading Add To Your  Friends List,  just above Send A Private Message.  When you click on either of these links,  you'll see a message stating that it's pending acceptance, which means that you have to wait for them to see the request and  accept you as their friend. 

Keep in mind that the first time you add a friend -besides the fact that you'll have a new mate to chat in the arcade room and someone to share your fun with- you'll also get 10 free Credits at HighScoreCompetition! And that's not the whole story, because when you've made your 10th friend at the site, you'll receive 50 free Credits! You know HighScoreCompetition is all about meeting people, making friends and having a good time while we play fun online games. So, once your friends have appeared in your profile, you can send them some nice gifts to show them your appreciation! is owned and operated by Idea Cup Ltd,
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