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How To Send Gifts

Send Gifts

When you have made some friends in the site you can send them gifts to show them you care and that sometimes giving truly is better than receiving! Now being generous is easier than ever with HighScoreCompetition's gifts! Send one to a friend and watch it appear on their profile! And the giving is cheap - it'll only cost you 1 Credit!  
Link to Send a Gift
There is more than one way to send gifts to your buddies: For example, you can get to your Profile and scroll down until you see the title My Gifts and the link Send Gifts to the right of it. Or you can look for the Actions Menu on the left of the screen where you'll find a link reading Send Gifts To Friends. By clicking on any of those links you'll be taken to the list of all HighScoreCompetition members where you can find your friends or even make new ones.

Similarly, you can take a more direct approach and click on you friends' avatars and then look for the Actions menu where there is a Send A Gift link. When you click on it, you'll see all the gifts from which you can choose to send to your friend. Be it butterflies, balloons, drinks, you name it, there are a lot of options and it only cost 1 Credit. 
 Gifts Preview
Don't forget to scroll down, as you can send you friend a message besides the great gift you especially choose for her / him. Then just hit Send Message and you're done. You can now see both on your friend's profile and who knows' maybe she / he will send you one back! is owned and operated by Idea Cup Ltd,
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